The Inside Orbit, previously a monthly/quarterly publication, has been reimagined as GRAAA's blog for in-depth articles about a wide range of topics of current interest to amateur astronomers.

The name Inside Orbit was introduced in the 1960s for a regular newsletter, which subsequently expanded to a printed periodical for many years (previous issues can be found in the Archive). In recent years, it has been an online publication, published intermittently. As a blog, the Inside Orbit will revitalize this longtime means of exchange and provide an avenue for both members and friends of GRAAA to post their work.

Articles submitted will be accepted based on topic and may be subject to editing. Send contributions for consideration to temporary editor Dave DeBruyn.

March 9, 2018

Editor's Note: Gerdes presents "The Coolest Place in the Universe: New Worlds Beyond Neptune" at the 7pm Thursday March 15th GRAAA meeting, Schuler Books, 2660 28th Street SE. Free and open to the public.

David Gerdes is a naturally curious fellow, a...

February 21, 2018

Longtime friend and colleague Todd Slisher has been an astronomy geek since his days growing up in the Grand Rapids area. He was an active student member of GRAAA prior to going on to college at the University of Michigan, and then a career as a museum/planetarium spec...

January 25, 2017

Well, maybe,  if Dr. Larry Molnar’s forecast is correct. The Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Calvin College in Grand Rapids feels that we may within the next few years  experience a flaring of two stars now waltzing around each other in extremely close proximity....

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