James C. Veen Observatory

East Dome West Dome
85° 24' 13"     +42° 54' 16"

The JAMES C. VEEN OBSERVATORY, located south of Lowell, Michigan is owned and operated by the Grand Rapids Amateur Astronomical Association. It was built entirely by the members over a five-year span in the late 1960's, and became fully operational in 1970. The building consists of 2 Ash Domes, which contain the following equipment:

West (large) Dome:

East (small) Dome:

There are also 3 telescopes that may be attached to the main instruments if needed:

The 4-inch is also used as a white-light solar telescope.

There is also a 17-inch Dobsonian located on the grounds for general viewing purposes.

The Observatory has a large meeting room, an extensive library in the lower level, and an audio-visual system for presentations to both the members and the public.