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The Grand Rapids Amateur Astronomical Association would like to build a community of astro imagers, whether it is Skyscapes, Deep Sky Objects, Planetary, or All Sky. The community needs both the new and the experienced to come together along with the Veen Observatory assets to allow our members and outreach to the public to learn this exciting and complicated part of astronomy.

Read below to learn how you can get involved.


The GRAAA wants to hear from you.

Whether you're just starting out and have no idea how it works, or if you're a long time astro-imager, email to start getting involved with GRAAA's astro imaging group.

In your email, let us know:

  • Your skill level. Are you a beginner with no prior knowledge? Do you have some imaging experience? Are you proficient, or an expert?

  • The equipment you may already have. Telescopes, mounts, and cameras; is your equipment dedicated to astro imaging? Is your camera DSLR/full frame?

  • What types of imaging interests you. Examples may include skyscapes, Electronically Assisted Astronomy, Deep Sky Objects, Planetary.

  • What kind of control devices and software you use for taking and post-processing (for those who already have some experience).

  • How you think we can help best. Should we host in-person discussions, record and/or stream YouTube videos, share info on Facebook or other social media, or include imaging as part of Public Observing Nights and telescope clinics?

Your input is important to help your Board of Directors to best serve the membership.


If none of this makes sense yet -- don't worry! We want to build a community to learn, teach, and volunteer. All of the images above were done with various equipment and software, but the image below is a beginner image, and a very early attempt at imaging Jupiter. We all start somewhere.

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